An FAQ list to help answer some of our most-asked questions

We want to make sure that no questions are left unasked. If you cannot find what you're looking for below, please get in touch, and one of our team will be more than happy to help you.

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When can I visit my relative?

We encourage people to visit their relatives, family and friends whenever they like.
We do not hold any restrictions on your visiting times or length of time that you are here for; We encourage residents to make our Care Home their home.

Can I bring pets into the home?

Our Care Homes are animal-friendly, and our residents benefit by having visits from animals. Some of our homes already have their own individual ‘pets’.
If your elderly relative has a pet that they would like to bring, then you should talk to the home before bringing them in. Arrangements can be made, as long as there are no risks to other residents.

What range of activities are there within the home?

We get asked a lot about our activities programme and how we keep our residents stimulated and entertained.

Our activities are as varied as our residents! – we have a dedicated Activities Organiser who carries out a wide range of activities daily. All staff usually get involved wherever possible, and all residents are encouraged to also.

With activities changing most days, we try to variate them as much as possible to keep our residents engaged. These activities include keep-fit, pottery classes, arts and crafts, scrabble, day-trips out, baking, flower-arranging, knitting, word-searches and many more. Residents are an integral part of the decision-making when it comes to activities; we like to talk to them to find out what it is that they would like to do.

We also have external entertainment/activities that come into our home from time-to-time; this includes singers, exercise and movement specialists & local schools.

My elderly relative tends to wander, how will I know if they will be safe?

Our Care Home is well secured to make sure that all of our residents are safe.
It’s important to discuss this with us when you are enquiring to let us know if your relative is prone to wandering off from time-to-time.

What’s included in the care fees?

The care fees include the cost of the room, all food and drink, laundry, care services, cleaning services, general repairs and maintenance of the room, furniture and activities provided by us.
We also have external professionals that come into the home to offer personal care services, such as hairdressers or chiropodists. These services incur additional charges but can be arranged by the managers of the home.

Is there a choice of food? What are the menus like?

We recognise that food is a big part of what keeps us happy and healthy. Because of that, we try to provide an enjoyable, varied and nutritious menu that caters for all residents. We have an on-site kitchen that cooks fresh food daily.
We communicate regularly with our residents to get their opinions about the meals that we provide. We then adapt our menus accordingly based on their feedback and make changes wherever needed to suit individuals taste and preferences.

Do you meet dietary requirements?

Yes – our highly trained chefs/cooks can provide meals to cater for all special dietary requirements. These include meals for religious or health-related reasons.

Do you offer Respite Care?

Yes, all of the homes in the Magnacare Group offer respite and daycare, providing that there is a room available for the required time. Respite care is a popular option that we provide to help support people who wish to remain in their own home. We are happy to consider regular bookings to give a family member or carer a break from their responsibilities – whether it’s a one-off booking or to allow for a holiday etc.

Can my relative bring in their furniture?

Yes, we encourage residents to make their room their own and to personalise it as they wish. Our rooms do, however, come fully equipped and do not require anything to be purchased before a resident moves in.